The Final Word

Word Nerds, Pedantic Puzzle Players and Grammatical Gurus ... This One's For You
For the spelling bee wannabes, and anyone with a voracious verve for vocabulary, a lust for linguistics, or a passion for puzzle master, Will Shortz … let me have your attention! Introducing The Final Word — a suite of word games that will tickle, tease and test all who love word play.

Sit for a Spell and Play Almost Anywhere
Games combine puzzle-solving, word creation skills, and quick thinking. Play alone or with the whole family. Just like multiple games are played with a traditional card deck, The Final Word is a bevy of games in one take-it-anywhere deck. I typically challenge my husband as he savors his IPA during happy hour vying for a quick win at the bar.

Hate reading “how to play rules?”
Games can be explained in 2 minutes so you can plunge in quickly without a laborious list of rules. There are 5 key principles that apply to all games and a group of groovy moves specific to each iteration. You may choose your words carefully, but it will still take skill to convert cards to words — long words, odd words, buzz words, even fightin' words — in games that range from easy to expert. See the brief description of the most popular five games included.

Perfect, Portable, Family-Friendly Game
No pieces, board, or box to store and set up. Go packing to a party or be loaded at the local watering hole. Wherever you go, you can have The Final Word in pocket, purse, knapsack or tote. It’s fresh, fun, family-friendly and fascinating when you find that what's really cool about The Final Word is that you can create a game of your own with this deck of cards. Go ahead…create a new game and I’ll name it after you!

The Final Word was a finalist in Edison Nation's 2017 Best Toys and Games contest


Split Run – Words are split and played simultaneously

Last Man Standing – Last letter from  word becomes first letter of new word

Leftovers – Players “take” from the board to affect players’ point scores

Turn Over Card from unused deck must be used in players’ words

Real Value – Score a point for cards played plus the highest value card

[PDF] All Games and Rules


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