The Final Word

All Games:

Start: Players each draw a card and the closest to “A” goes first. Subsequent play is clockwise.

Hands: Players draw and retain 10 cards for all games until deck is depleted. All words must be a minimum of 3 letters.

Scoring: Cumulative points from all words made unless otherwise noted in specific games.

Challenges: Use an agreed-upon dictionary. If a word is legitimate, challenger loses a turn. If a word is not legitimate, player loses their turn.

No proper names, abbreviations or contractions premitted.

Opt to speed up play by imposing a 2-minute time limit for each turn.


Legal Card Moves: “Moves” are specified per game and must include at least one letter from previous turn. *Splits must include 2 sequential letters in each new word.
Add - place letters before, after, and between letters in the word on the board
Overlay - place letters on top of letters in the word on the board
Give&Take - trade a letter in the word on board for a letter in hand
Split* - splits 1 word into 2 or more as long as at least 1 of the words was changed. Game continues with multiple words in play. Points only apply to new/changed words.
Duplicate - placing the same letter atop letter in the word. In some games, duplicates are not counted in scores.

[PDF] Games and Rules


Real Value Game — Moves Permitted:

How to Play: (2-6 players) First player spells out a word from cards in hand.

The following players may either change the word played or replace it with a new word. Cards are discarded (taken out of play) if the word is replaced.

Players receive 1 point for each visible letter in the word plus the value of the highest numbered card in that word*.

Example: Word played is "quiet"
Score: 1 point per letter (5 total) plus the value of the letter "q" which is an additional 4 points. Total score is 9.

*Note About Duplicates: duplicates -- playing the same letter on top of one already visible on the board -- is a permitted move, but player will only get points if the word is changed. The advantage to duplicates is that a player will get new cards for every card played.

Alternate play until all cards are used or cannot be used. Highest score wins.

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