The Final Word

All Games:

Start: Players each draw a card and the closest to “A” goes first. Subsequent play is clockwise.

Hands: Players draw and retain 10 cards for all games until deck is depleted. All words must be a minimum of 3 letters.

Scoring: Cumulative points from all words made unless otherwise noted in specific games.

Challenges: Use an agreed-upon dictionary. If a word is legitimate, challenger loses a turn. If a word is not legitimate, player loses their turn.

No proper names, abbreviations or contractions premitted.

Opt to speed up play by imposing a 2-minute time limit for each turn.


Legal Card Moves: “Moves” are specified per game and must include at least one letter from previous turn. *Splits must include 2 sequential letters in each new word.
Add - place letters before, after, and between letters in the word on the board
Overlay - place letters on top of letters in the word on the board
Give&Take - trade a letter in the word on board for a letter in hand
Split* - splits 1 word into 2 or more as long as at least 1 of the words was changed. Game continues with multiple words in play. Points only apply to new/changed words.
Duplicate - placing the same letter atop letter in the word. In some games, duplicates are not counted in scores.

[PDF] Games and Rules


Turnover — Moves Permitted:

How to Play: (1-6 players) For each turn, a card from the unused deck is "turned over" and must be used by the current player in creating a word.

Subsequent players have the option to build upon the existing word on the board or to discard that  word and create a new word from the cards in hand as long as card drawn from deck is used.

Players accumulate points from all words created during their turn thorughout the game, with the exception of duplicates. A duplication move is permitted -- advantage being that a card played permits for a fresh card to be drawn from the deck -- but the value of the duplicate card is not added to the score.

Game ends when deck is depleted and all players get a chance to play words from cards in hand. Unused cards are subtracted from eaxch player's final score.

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